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Deposition Success Tip: Schedule in Advance

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If you’ve been in the position of trying to find a court reporter at the last minute, you know how stressful it is. Although you probably found someone to save the day, it set a precarious tone for your deposition

There’s nothing worse than having all of the interested parties sitting in the conference room on deposition day, waiting for the court reporter to show up. Nervous looks and small talk fill the silence. At the front desk, frantic calls are being made until you hear, “The steno will be here within the hour.”

If you’ve been in the position of trying to find a court reporter at the last minute, you know how stressful it is. Although you probably found someone to save the day, it set a precarious tone for your deposition.

Here at MGR, we’ve noticed a slight increase in last-minute calls for depositions recently. These are not from regular clients, but from legal professionals finding us through online searches. In most cases, we’re not the first agency they’ve called; in several cases, we’ve been able to serve the client; in every case, they are in a desperate situation.

Sometimes, a same-day deposition is unavoidable. Maybe the scheduled court reporter cancelled on you. Perhaps you simply forgot to schedule one in the first place! Maybe the witness’ situation changed and, if the deposition doesn’t happen now, it never will.

Like most other agencies, we’re keenly aware that emergency proceedings are a fact of life. When you call MGR, we will make every attempt to accommodate your requirements. Once we arrive, we’ll work with you to help make your deposition a success; which includes providing an accurate transcript in the format you need.

Still, when it comes to scheduling, sooner is always better. You should try to schedule at least a week or two in advance. Preferably, as soon as the Notice of Deposition is sent.

Deposition Logistics

At the time of scheduling, you want to give the court reporter as much information as you can. There are quite a few moving parts involved in a witness deposition, so you want to start planning early. When trying to coordinate multiple parties’ schedules, travel needs, etc., dates and times may have to change, locations may change, or you may realize that you have additional equipment requirements. An experienced court reporting agency will understand that and offer flexibility. Be sure to get keep them in the loop. Some will even handle the logistics for you.

If you have special transcript needs, such as a realtime feed or a rough draft, make it known in advance. That way, you’ll be sure to get a court reporter with the necessary expertise.

Depositions are stressful enough for all parties without the added headache of coordinating an official proceeding on short notice. In addition to reporter availability, there are other things to consider; such as arranging for an interpreter or videographer. Same-day requests for these specialties come at a much higher price.

But, I Need it Now!

The field of stenography has seen many changes in the last 30 years and will continue to change with expanding technology. The number of last-minute bookings seems to be increasing. Is it destined to become the norm?

In a world of same-day Amazon deliveries and instant money transfers, it seems many legal professionals expect to coordinate something as formal as a witness deposition with one call and a few hours’ notice.

As with everything, where there’s a will, there’s a way. Your last-minute deposition can go smoothly and, with proper communication, coordination, and the willingness of all parties, things can magically come together.

Count on Us

To ensure the success of your depo, you know how important it is to have a dependable court reporting agency that you can rely on.

At MGR, we have a team of highly qualified, experienced court reporters and stenographers that provide excellent service. Whether you have an emergency hearing or need an expedited transcript, we can accommodate your needs.

We consistently show up for satisfied clients who know that they can count on us to make a great record!